Small Claims FAQs

Download any of the following fact sheets based on the Small Claims Advisory’s most frequently asked questions!

Date UpdatedQuestionCategory
07/31/12How do I file a Small Claims appeal?
07/31/12Who do I sue in a car accident?Auto
07/31/12What if the driver is a minor?Auto Accidents
07/31/12What if the driver is from out-of-state?Auto Accidents
07/31/12How do I collect my judgment using a vehicle levy?Collection
07/31/12How do I collect a judgment?Collection
07/31/12How do I collect money from a debtor’s spouse’s bank account?Collection
07/31/12Can I earn interest on an uncollected judgment?Collection
07/31/12What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?Collection
07/31/12How do I file for a Debtors' Examination?Collection
07/31/12What questions can I ask the debtor or business in a Debtors' Examination?Collection
06/24/16Do you have an example of a "Memorandum Of Points and Authorities For Motion to Assign Community Spouse’s Wages"?Collection
07/31/12Do you have an example of a "Notice of Motion and Motion to Assign Community Spouse's Wages"?Collection
07/31/12Order Granting Assignment of Wages?Collection
07/31/12Can I sue over a bad check or stopped payment?Consumer
07/31/12What should I know about hiring a licensed contractor?Consumer
07/31/12How do I sue an unlicensed contractor?Consumer
07/31/12Do you have an example of a Homeowner's Association Demand Letter?Consumer
07/31/12Where/how do I sue a web-based or internet company?Consumer
07/31/12How do I sue a towing company?Consumer
07/31/12What do I need to know about suing the toll roads?Consumer
07/31/12What is "piercing the corporate veil?"Corporations
07/31/12What terms do I need to know? Do you have a glossary or index?Reference
07/31/12Do you have a list of resources/phone numbers to help me with my matter?Reference
09/11/12How do I continue or postpone my hearing?Representing Yourself
07/31/12How much time do I have to file a case?Representing Yourself
07/31/12What is jurisdiction?Representing Yourself
07/31/12How can I locate a person or business to sue if I don't know where they are?Representing Yourself
07/31/12How do I know how to name the defendant in my lawsuit?Representing Yourself
07/31/12What should I know about security deposits for residential rentals?Representing Yourself
07/31/12How do I serve the defendant?Representing Yourself
07/31/12Is it okay to serve a P.O. Box?Representing Yourself
07/31/12Where do I serve an owner of a rented dwelling?Representing Yourself
07/31/12How do I subpoena a witness and/or documents?Representing Yourself
07/31/12How do I prepare for my trial?Representing Yourself
07/31/12How do I vacate (cancel) a Default Judgment?Representing Yourself
09/01/15How do I "challenge Venue in Small Claims Court" ?Representing Yourself
07/31/12Where do I file my case? What is the Venue?Representing Yourself
07/31/12Where can I find Small Claims law?Representing Yourself
5/20/15Collecting Wages from an Uncooperative EmployerRepresenting Yourself
10/30/12How a Plaintiff Can Vacate a JudgmentRepresenting Yourself
07/31/12Cuales preguntas puedo hacer al deudor o negocio durante la Examinacion del Deudor?Spanish/Espanol
9/25/2015Collecting from an Uncooperative EmployerRepresenting Yourself, Collection
6/24/16Declaration in Support of Plaintiff's Notice of Motion and Motion to Assign Community Spouse's WagesCollection